Remote Control Fart Machine

It’s long been a dream of mine to sell Fart Machines over the internet. Not just any fart machine, the top of the line remote control kind.

And, here it is.
Yes, the remote control fart machine.
Remote Control Fart Machine

Pardon me, if I get a little choked up.

Mankind has long struggled to replicate the fart. From the linguolabial consonant to the Bronx Cheer – to the primitive rubber whoopee cushion of the 1930′s, many brilliant minds struggled to find a predictable source of faux farts.

Finally, the marriage of space-age wireless technology brings you the Cadillac of gas bags …

Click on the image below for all you ever wanted to know about The Remote Control Fart Machine 2.

Remote Control Fart Machine 2

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