My Favorite Inception Mashups

This Willy Wonka mash-up of Inception is one of my personal favorites … And of course, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure offers plenty of great mash-up moments. George Carlin never seemed so sinister.

Change Blindness or Misdirection?

Psychologists are just beginning to study what magicians have been perfecting for years. We humans like to believe we are good observers, taking in all the important details in our surroundings – but it turns out we’re pretty bad at it. We think of our field of attention like a floodlight, allowing us to observe…

Spooky Cat From My Nightmares

Car Crash Practical Joke

A great set-up. Hidden mega-speakers … a recording of a horrible car screeching its brakes and a distracted victim. Enjoy! Don’t try this at home kids … try it at your friend’s house. Equipment needed: Remote control for sound system Recording of car crash Video camera

Canada’s Got Talent … Or Terrorists?

Sunni and Sher? Truth is stranger than fiction. Dr. Khurram Syed Sher, a failed talent contest show contestant on “Canada’s Got Talent,” can now add “failed terrorist” to his long list of lifetime under achievements. I guess one bomb leads to another … perhaps he was trying to destroy Western culture? According to The Huffington…

Cardboard Practical Jokes

Do check out Super Punch. Fun blog, fun stuffs. Super Punch: Cardboard practical jokes

Irish Jokes – The Sausage

Two fine Irishmen were eager for a night of boozing but had no cash to spare. Between the two they could only raise a wee dollar (of the EU type, to be sure). Said Patty to Brian, “Give me that dollar, I have a plan.” And so Patty walked into the butcher shop and out…

Remote Control Fart Machine

It’s long been a dream of mine to sell Fart Machines over the internet. Not just any fart machine, the top of the line remote control kind. And, here it is. Yes, the remote control fart machine. Remote Control Fart Machine Pardon me, if I get a little choked up. Mankind has long struggled to…