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Robert Bunsen and His 200th Birthday

Robert Bunsen invented the Bunsen burner. That’s about all I know about the guy. He’s dead. Today is his 200th birthday and Google is celebrating that fact with a Google Doodle. Robert Bunsen was an important scientist. Before Bunsen, scientists were forced to warm test tubes by rubbing them up with their hands. That is…

Worst Party Entertainers

Worst DJ, Ever Sure most party DJ’s dress like Jersey Shore rejects or student exchange busboys and play awful music. This record spinner adds “Booby Slapping” his portly assistant to his amazing list of talents. Worst Celebrity Impersonator Lots of party planners book a celebrity look-alike to add a bit of fun. We can only…


Welcome to another quack therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique. I’ll some it up for you; talk to yourself and touch yourself over and over. Ain’t self-delusion grand?

Worst Magician, Ever

Karoke Bar Mitzvah Disaster

If we could only blame booze… EMBED-Worst Karaoke Session Ever – Watch more free videos

Why America is Doomed

Fat, stupid people chanting “we’re number one!” Creationists Anti-intellectualism This fuck:

BozoGate: O’Donnell’s Dad Was An Undocumented Clown

Can One Be Pro-Clown and Anti-Witch? Christine O’Donnell: Don’t Blow Your Own Horn. Stop stroking the carrot, varnishing the flagpole, and auditioning your hand-puppet … Christine O’Donnell wants America to cease “boxing Bozo” and “slapping the clown.” Why? Turns out her father was Bozo …. OR WAS HE? She claimed her dad played Bozo in…

Prank Phone Call

httpv:// An instant classic. Enjoy listening to a neutered corporate employee act civil to an idiot!

Ugandan Sex Ed

Oh those Ugandans! Tosh.0 Weds 10:30pm / 9:30c

My Favorite Inception Mashups

This Willy Wonka mash-up of Inception is one of my personal favorites … And of course, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure offers plenty of great mash-up moments. George Carlin never seemed so sinister.