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Robert Bunsen and His 200th Birthday

Robert Bunsen invented the Bunsen burner. That’s about all I know about the guy. He’s dead. Today is his 200th birthday and Google is celebrating that fact with a Google Doodle. Robert Bunsen was an important scientist. Before Bunsen, scientists were forced to warm test tubes by rubbing them up with their hands. That is…

Worst Party Entertainers

Worst DJ, Ever Sure most party DJ’s dress like Jersey Shore rejects or student exchange busboys and play awful music. This record spinner adds “Booby Slapping” his portly assistant to his amazing list of talents. Worst Celebrity Impersonator Lots of party planners book a celebrity look-alike to add a bit of fun. We can only…

The Change Raising Scam

The classic “change raising” scam works differently than “short changing,” but the net effect is the same. The grifter approaches a sucker (an overworked, busy, distracted and disinterested cashier is ideal). He asks, “Can you give me a ten for ten singles?” Sounds fair. The cashier always needs singles, so she agrees. She hands him…

Santa Clause Conquers the Martians

Easily the worst movie ever made, “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” was a low-budget flick that was the result of someone thinking, “Kids love them sci-fi flying saucer movies … and they love Santa … bingo!”


Welcome to another quack therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique. I’ll some it up for you; talk to yourself and touch yourself over and over. Ain’t self-delusion grand?

Practical Joke: Video Boy

I wonder what happened to this little kid. Thanks to the modern marvels of technology, he’s not living it down anytime soon. Wahhh! The secret to the classic scream-screen is to lure the victim into a flow-state where they become so focused on a task that the pattern interrupt drives straight to the good old…

Batman Ambush

Legendary French prankster RĂ©mi Gaillard is at it again. The story has it, Mr. Gaillard lost his job at the show store and decided to use his free time for fun. Along the way he’s crashed many professional football awards dinners and appearances … he fooled the president of France. He’s infiltrated game shows and…

Worst Magician, Ever

A Very, Very Bad School Trip

5 out 3 Americans Can’t Do Math Good

“There are two ways to do great mathematics. The first is to be smarter than everybody else. The second way is to be stupider than everybody else — but persistent.” — Raoul Bott “I’m American … you do the math.”