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The “practical joke” is neither practical or a joke in the strict sense of either word.

Something “practical” is:

“Concerned with the production or operation of something useful” or

“Level-headed, efficient, and unspeculative.”

A joke is typically creation designed to create laughter in others. A “practical joke” only amuses the creator.

Let’s take a look at a classic practical joke … the flaming bag of poo. The gag usually goes off like this;

  1. Find or create a pile of feces
  2. Place said feces in a paper bag
  3. Position poop packed parcel at the front door of the victim
  4. Light bag on fire
  5. Ring doorbell
  6. Run
  7. Watch victim stomp on paper bag to extinguish flames and
  8. cover his foot in feces
  9. Avoid being caught
  10. If caught, avoid legal trouble

Clearly, this is not a practical joke.

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